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Oil for condoms

on March 12, 2010


“Oil for food”, when I heard such a sentence at first, I thought about one thing, that’s how poor our Arab and Islamic world is! I cannot really perceive how can societies in which social solidarity is a teaching and a must live such a poor life and have such poor bonds?! How can we regard our societies getting shattered into to realms rich into richer and poor into poorer?! Isn’t it pathetic? I guess it is.

However, I figured through internet search that the oil for food program is one of UN’s resolutions stating that Iraq can sell oil to get food. Grieve actually raised in my heart, for I couldn’t also perceive how can our brothers and sisters be in such distress and we stand still?! So many things actually appeared in my internet search: definitions for the program, its consequences, and failure – according to some sources. In a nutshell, whether it is a sentence applicable to the Arab world as a whole, or Iraq in particular, it is an inevitable disgrace to our identity and dignity.

While being showered in these thoughts and the meaning of this sentence, a so-called song showed on screen, and so-called artists – to whom I dedicate the name prostitutes – twisting and bending in a so-called manner of dancing, wearing so-called cloths! There were no meanings for the words, and the dancing was not meant as a sublime art – if we can call it so. It was a mere reflection of our intellectual and moral laws fall. The fact that we accept such displays on our screen as ordinary scenes, and consider such flagrant sexual suggestions as if we are watching a tom jerry carton, is a real blow to our claimed ethics.

I started to reflect in the state of our youth and its status quo. Could we in the past hear the words “adultery,” “homosexuality,” “masturbation,” and “sexual harassment” is such a frequent daily manner? I am not suggesting that in the past it was better, but I also refuse to admit that this is what we call openness and civilization. How can we accept our sons and brothers to indulge in only thinking about THIS?! Has THIS become our primary issue? Is pleasure exclusive to THIS? Have we forgotten about social activities, learning, reading, writing and painting … etc? Where are we moving? I do not really know.

  “Oil for condoms!” that is the new stage and the new part of our series of shame. Since we are so much indulged in our physical pleasures, I guess that this will be the new stage. We will trade our treasures – including our souls, intellects, and money – for our hidden illegal pleasures. Oh my God! Will it be so? Will this be our new motto?! Then we are really doomed.

“When they do aught that is shameful, they say: “We found our fathers doing so”; and “(Allah) commanded us thus”: Say: “Nay, Allah never commands what is shameful: do ye say of Allah what ye know not?” (Al Araaf 28 Quraan). Such a verse struck my eyes when I was searching about versus talking about ethics. And I thought “yes, Allah won’t command what is shameful, for He urges us to be pure in self and action, and in spirit and body. I thought what if we taught our children what is right and wrong, what if we made them stick to their ethics and morals. Won’t this be a good solution? I am really scared for my children. I won’t claim that I am so much religious and that I do not commit wrong, but I can as a human figure out what is right and what is wrong, and I just hope that my children won’t live in a world where there is a motto calling “Oil for condoms”.

Imane Fawzy Nofal


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