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Valueless gifts without loading your budget!

on May 24, 2010

Have you ever thought about presenting a new, more intimate gift to those you love and care about? Are you short of money? Do you have special friends that are out of reach for tangible presents? Are you fed up with all the options provided in the market? Then you have got to think more creatively, for there are very simple, however, posh ideas. The power point show can be on top of all your secret weapons.

We have all been using the power point show for presentations, either they be for interviews, work, or lectures. But magnificently enough the power point show can convey the deepest emotions, and best wishes, and above all, guess what, it is you who decide every single slide in the display!

To be more illustrative about the program in general, the power point is a program of slides’ display. First you collect your information, summarize them into brief tips. Second you arrange the information in the slide order you choose, in addition to providing the slides with illustrations, charts and pictures. It is indeed magnificent in the world of business shows.

When following these steps, you can prepare for the ultimate and most personal gift for your special ones:

  1. Collect information about the person you want to surprise: You need first to know what this person loves, namely his best songs, his favorite pictures … etc, so that you can customize you show to his liking.
  2. Place all favorable pictures and songs in one folder: By this, you can guarantee that you won’t get lost while preparing your slides. You will always find desired objects in one place.
  3. Start working! Prepare your slides, arrange the memories you would like to insert, and put along relevant pictures. Don’t forget to insert the favorite song to play in the background.
  4. Finalize with animation for more excitement: After choosing the shapes you like, and being satisfied about the order and the final look of slides, you need to add more liveliness through customizing your animation. Make the pictures rush into the screen, allow the letters of your sentences to fall from up or down, and make his heart beats with the smooth music along with picture animations.

Easy 4 tips as they might seem, however, they need real hard working and organization. Nevertheless, the effect such a show can make, and the special memories it can recollect are worth the trial.


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