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Play the chess of your life

on October 16, 2010

I have always loved chess and nothing could obsess me more than a chess game. I even have the board of chess with its pieces in its crystal glittering shape to décor my house.

Although I was a fan of the game and a believer that it is one of the most interesting brain stimulating games, I have never thought of adopting a plan to start with. I just believed in the power of pieces. And so, I used to fight to keep my most powerful pieces very protected.

In fact, I didn’t believe that pawns could do me any favor at the beginning of my game learning. But with time, I discovered that every piece counts and that a pawn can be at times the savior of the king, or else, my favorite piece, the queen.

In the circle of my family, they all loved chess, as well. And getting married to a chess lover was a pretty nice coincident for me.

‘Marriage is the art of manipulating conflict’ that was my dad’s saying. What a saying! Well, I don’t believe in this! But with time, and the rising of conflicts between my husband and me, I started to re-think that saying. But, no, still I didn’t believe in it.

Reaching the age of 24, I can observe myself as getting very much critical and philosophical. And with the depth and thinking one can gain from playing chess, I reached a theory.

Life is like the board of chess, it contains white squares and black ones. I have got enemies at the other side, but I have got also my army, and I am the king of it. And accordingly, I can further assign my army as to their strength.

My husband is my soul mate; so he is the queen piece. He is the one that sits beside me all the time. He can understand me better than all. He is the most powerful of all pieces; not because of the number of steps he can move on the chess board, but because he occupies in my heart the best place, and he can then fight all enemies away, even if all my steps were limited to one single step.

My parents are my rooks. They are so powerful. They are silent setting very far away. However, I can feel their power at the time of need. That is not because they can move straightforward up till the end of the board. But because they have implanted in me a straightforward attitude with values that can fight all evil any time.

My siblings are my bishops. And my intimate friends are my knights. They can all defend me in some tactful ways, and reach me to support my needs.

The pawns are the circle of people surrounding me. May be, they seem very week in their small shape and one step movement. But they affect me, and choosing them badly can weaken the boarders of my castle!

Was I very philosophical?

I admit that we do not live life to fight. But I admit also that there are people who affect my life like a queen can affect the board of chess. I now believe my husband to be my very powerful piece and that he is beside me, not at the other side of the board.

Who is your favorite piece?


2 responses to “Play the chess of your life

  1. Samar Abd Elsalam says:

    Eman, this is very thoughtful. I love the way you created a world of your own and defended it against all dangers. The analogy is definitely sound and the analysis very accurate. I read a paper once by Dr. Karma in which she applied chess rules to Shakespearean drama, and I came out of it realizing that everyone is actually a chess piece in attitude and movement. there are srtaight forward people, there are devious ones, there are those who cannot move in the face of danger and those who jump against all odds; there are defensive characters and offensive ones, etc. So, by all means, I love your blog, and I totally agree with you. keep coming up with more brilliant ideas.

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