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Boycotting WWW

on December 2, 2010

‘Technology has turned into a big stuffed burger combo that is beyond my stomach’s capacity. The fries of the technology combo are just so many that I feel totally glutted! Using metaphors isn’t an easy task here, I cannot really employ them well like Charlie Brooker does in his Guardian column; but the bottom line anyway is that I have to confess I cannot keep pace with technology.’

In fact, I started what I call my personal internet mania nine years ago, when the computers and internet were not much a common use. However, it attracted my curious nature to the ultimate! Specifically speaking, I loved the realm of chat because it is a means that can take me out of my home boarders and even my country into other realms and worlds. And yes it did.

I remember I installed my first and my favorite MSN messenger into my computer … No, not that. I first entered chat rooms on the MSN home page and Yahoo. I entered these rooms where several windows are there and a huge number of persons from all over the world exist.

I was 16 by then, very naïve little Arabian girl; but an intelligent ambitious one. I installed all chat related programs; Msn, yahoo, paltalk, ICQ and if I heard of any other then, I would have installed it. I had an email on each website, friends from all over the world. The best parts of my day were when I settle down on my comfortable well-stuffed chair in front of that glittering monitor and my ear started hearing the clicks of my mouse or the buttons of my keyboard. I spent over five constant hours a day trapped in the World Wide Web, where the spiders of websites and chatters keep revolving around me!

By time, I started to hate the virtual reality created by the chat. I felt nothing is real there, neither the name nor the words. Although I did not lie myself to anybody, I felt that the context is one of a big fake reality. I don’t also deny that I reached my maximum; I have satisfied my hunger to the ultimate. I decided to stop and get back into real life, and I dropped all my virtual friends.

Unfortunately or may be fortunately, I could not flick all the threads of the yarn of me! Those internet specialized people know well how to hunt and grasp their prey! A new version of social utilities started; the first of which was Hi5 and then the biggest spider of all came to the world; that’s Facebook. And I figured out I am haunted!

I cannot really figure out whether my attachment to the www was a matter of keeping pace with technology, getting to know new people, satisfying my endeavor to keep in touch with friends and know their news or just going along with fashion.

I just recognized that time passed me by, I am no longer the little 16 year old girl, but I am still there inside the yarn. Now, I think that my real life needs more attention and that my real friends are much better than my virtual friends.

After knowing about that twitter thing, I will completely boycott the WWW!


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