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The Simpsons writing school

on December 2, 2010

I have to admit: it’s completely absurd!

 The show starts with Marge planting the backyard of the house, Homer gets friends with crows who eat Marge’s plants, and, then it just turns to be a series about medical marijuana!

It is the comedy of the unexpected through these famous yellow hilarious cartoons. It’s actually enjoying because it is dressing reality into unreal cartoons. You won’t be probably able to predict the flow of actions, because it gets itself out of the didactic norm. It is simply life.

As a previous student and an everlasting lover to whatever pertains to literature, I used to admire the classic methods of writing; that of Jane Austen, Charles Dickens. It is like having a big chunk of rich flavors just in one bite. But I won’t also deny that I cannot keep on reading them. They are just too heavy to entertain in this world. It is as if Homer Simpson turned into the good father giving lessons of virtue and righteous deeds; which would have never made the Simpsons that widely famous series.

Virginia Wolf, the literature famous author, who has pioneered the stream of consciousness trend in writing, was trying to give a new down to earth and deep into character through introducing that SOC method of writing. Oh, I couldn’t stand that! Her novel was to me like walking into a maze with no directions. To make it simpler, the stream of consciousness is a method that tries to go typically with the human mind’s absurdity. It gives you a second to second description of the character’s deepest thoughts. And since you aren’t that character, you will most probably get lost in his thoughts. This is not also to issue a judgment on Virginia Wolf who had her print laid in the world of literature; it is merely an opinion of a reading lover who prefers simplicity and light manner writings.

For love the word, (like Kevin Costner’s for love the game) and for my deep belief that words can be even more powerful than watched scenes, I wish to find a Simpsons’ type of writing; a down to earth, hilarious, sometimes absurd, talking of life type of writing.



2 responses to “The Simpsons writing school

  1. Stephen Mc Elligott says:

    Down to earth type of writing is exactly what we need. simplicity is the key to successful writing depending upon what audience your reaching out to. Journalists forget these days that they are writing to simple people like myself and tend to use word that would confuse even the most literate person in the world.

    Spot on

    Pax et bonum

    • : ) As you might have perceived, you are of few who visit my blog, and I have the pleasure to get you amongst my readers.
      First thanks for the comment.
      Second I totally agree and that’s what made write this piece; I find writers either use very classic complicated language or ease it upon themselves and use the slang. I also don’t like to ignore the intelligence of the reader; trying to direct him or give him lessons! This is also the same with the simpsons; it is a cartoon that takes you to the world of absurdity, and even if you are an intelligent audience, you won’t expect what is next.

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