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Talk shows are trying to drive me insane

on December 15, 2010
Since my early childhood, I had several thoughts about cameras and screens.
When I was very young, I used to think that God has got millions of screens in front of Him so that He can watch everyone.

When I grew up a little, I started to think that I am the only person who has a mind and who thinks in the world. Because I was said to be intelligent and distinguished, I had the feeling that the world rolls in my mind and that nothing is happening outside my own self. I was very astonished then of how I can think for people in china or Japan, or wherever! Stupid, isn’t it?

That what I thought until I figured out that unfortunately I am not the only genius thinker in the world, and that every human being has got his own mind to decide and to think. For my more astonishment and frustration, I discovered that there are people who are more intelligent, distinguished and loveable than me! But what was really bitterly felt inside was the truth that some people who are less intelligent and less creative are more famous and are given much more credit than me! Those stupid!

I don’t care; I just had much belief in my abilities and my ambition to drive me to the land of my dreams. But they are too much, those celebrities! Some are being beautiful like Julia Roberts, some are smart like Oprah Winfrey and others and others. But I am still a good looking smart thought provocative person! Why am not I a celebrity?

Even talk shows host people; those who deserve to be hosted, and those whom I will never look at or remember in my life. Why don’t they host me?

One second … I guess you’re asking what it is that you have done to be a celebrity or to get hosted. The answer is simply that I feel distinguished, or that I feel that talk shows are too many; giving fake reputation for people who do not deserve and leaving those who really deserve neglected behind the screens!

Screens are too many and people are too many. On which bases are these hosted and made heavenly and me and the others are left behind! Don’t you envy them?! Don’t say no! Liar!

You do want to be hosted; you do want to be like Tom Cruise, or Angelina Julie. You do want to meet Oprah Winfrey, or sit in front the screen where all is watching none but you and lights show none but you.

I think that we cannot stop that talk show mania, for it has already started and nothing can stop that. However, it is ourselves that we need to focus on, not the others. We need to look into us and into our abilities. To believe that you are great is not to look into Oprah’s glamour while she is saying “motherhood is the hardest job ever on earth” so that you can believe you are a great mother doing such difficult job. It is to believe in this whether it is on the tongue of Oprah or even not at all uttered.

I remember once getting into the kitchen to prepare lunch. I grabbed the biggest knife to be like that beautiful chef, Giada De Laurntis, although I knew well I could hurt myself until trained to using it (fortunately, I had trained myself to using that a long time ago). I got an onion, started peeling and cutting it into chunks. I thought there are people watching me cutting the onion, I took a deep breath … “and as you can see, we cut the onion into big chunks …”

And as you can see, talk shows and screens are driving me crazy!


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