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Let me serve you a plate of some human heads for breakfast!

on January 1, 2011
Fatafeat, this is the name of the first and only food channel in the Arab world. Days ago, it has celebrated its fourth birthday. And indeed it has achieved enormous success.


Personally, I love it! I can spend hours and hours watching it! I even like to watch chefs whose recipes I will never try for their beautiful presentation and lovely looks.

My father however thinks that I am being extravagant in watching TV. Like all dads, I don’t watch worthy productive programs. Similar to all males, he finds that watching news channels are much funnier than watching some peppers and tomatoes put in one pot, chicken being rubbed with some garlic and lemon and then putting all these together and bring them to boil!

He has got a point! It is just gender and personal preferences which I understand. But unfortunately the complexity of his being a dad and a male does not make him grasp it. What I cannot understand though is his repeated view point that everything attractive is some western plot set to attract the youth so that they do not perform beneficial activities. So fatafeat and sports channels are meant to elude our minds to get indulged in useless stuff!


Today is the first day in the New Year 2011. Giada de Laurentis, the beautiful Italian chef, is presenting her program. And although I know quite well I won’t try her spiced tomatoes mixed with bread crumbs and added to cheese, I loved to watch. However, it occurred to my mind to follow my dad’s advice and see the daily news; I might come up with something.


Instead of the tomatoes, I was presented with the Alexandria church blow-up terror act! Instead of beautiful Giada de Laurentis, I was freaked out by the corpses and demonstrations!

The stupidity behind this is so clear even to the blind. Some party has an interest in splitting the Egyptian line into some racist fractions of Muslims and Christians. Terribly, this has already happened and it might have always existed for some. It is an idea that was engraved in the minds that religion has got to do with our esteem to people. An odd idea it is, but it is there and it awaits the chance to wake up and appear!


That is why demonstrations started. Officials are racing to give statements to calm down the atmospheres. Grieve scars deep in the hearts, especially for those celebrating their feast. I won’t call them Christians, for I don’t really care for their religion, I only care that some people dressed in their beautiful gowns going to celebrate are blown up!


Follwoing my dear dad’s advice led me to one result:  instead of Giada’s “this is yummy, you have got to try it”, I was served a plate of some innocent human corpses. May God bliss their souls and relieve us of the stupidity of people. Amen.


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