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Help save Egyptian sportsmen families!

on January 3, 2011


Actually, I am not very much into television. I am not very much into sports either. And, I am not at all into football matches! However, I have to watch a sum of ten football related programs every day out of my strong belief in marital sharing and interest exchange between partners!

Well, regardless of my familial theories and sometimes mental suffering which for sure are not an area of interest for you, I think there is a huge problem occurring in the realm of sports. Either for its being a fashion or a type of football mania, each TV channel makes its own two hours minimum football program. Some channels even go further and create sports specialized channels stuffed with football programs. It is as if the universe is void of any other kind of sports but soccer!

That magical round ball that gathered many hearts and eyes around (not including me for sure) has created a state amongst people. It is not a state of solidarity and productive critique, but rather an unintended state of gossip and rumor inflaming.

Hilariously, the sports programs sometime rest for 6 hours or even more when derbies are held!

I believe that the much chitchat about football is making a serious downward curve in Egypt; it is raising the amount of racism and giving fake chances to people to get in the sports show due to the heavy demand for sports programs.

I believe it is completely odd and boring to start a program 5 hours ahead of a derby with intervals of silly heavily-repeated advertisements!

What is my fault or guilt to endure all this?! And, what is your guilt to have nothing on one channel but the face of one sports presenter?

I had some funny ideas that it is even deeper; it is actually affecting the familial life of sportsmen even if this is not apparent on TV.

Don’t these sports presenters have families? Don’t they have wives or kids to look for?

I think that each studio for sports programs is not accommodated only with chairs, round tables and the ads screens. There are things behind the shooting cameras. There are beds, pillows and baths with shower tubs; this sounds realistic for how could they proceed with their nearly 23 hours spent in studio. I believe also that the wives of these men will rest no long to ask for divorce because Al Ahli and Al Zamalek derby has occupied their places!

Please God, help save these men to live a normal life so that all I have to watch is ten hours of football programs a day, not 50 hours!



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