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The world is being indulged in an egocentric social utility

on January 5, 2011


I posted my latest article in a facebookian note and went to sleep. I woke up the next day morning, after about 7 hours within which not a big deal could have happened, however, I made my cup of coffee, brought my biscuits and sat beside my laptop to check who in the latest 7 hours happened to pass by my note and commented (I have washed my face before of course).

I found one email in my inbox; it was the daily job newsletter. I closed the lid, went to the kitchen to prepare some stuff and do my usual chores. An hour later (which make them a total of 8 hours), I raised the lid of my laptop to check who in the past one hour happened to pass by my note and commented.

I thought that I am being silly and turning addict to the facebook like many others! I need to give people a chance to see my note and comment. I closed the lid and went to play with my kids.

Half an hour later, it occurred to me that when people hit the like button, I do not receive emails. So, half an hour later (making them a total of 8 hours and a half) I raised the lid of my laptop to check who in the past half an hour happened to pass by my note and commented.

Silly, isn’t it? I think you got bored of this repetitive sequence. And, I think you do not care now for my note or the comments I received.

When I first joined the facebook, I thought that likewise I can connect with my friends and exchange opinions, pictures and comments. Indeed, I could do that. I have to admit that facebook administrators are so clever and into customers’ needs diggers. That is why they always renew and develop their website adding applications and facilities. It is turning into a mania!

Fashion mania, facebook mania, technology mania, make-up mania, plastic surgery mania or talk shows mania, the world is now blissfully filled with types of manias! All are referring to being indulged in something or getting addict to one thing. Just the same way one gets addict to drugs or cigarettes; he first takes a cigarette to try, and then he takes another to check what he really felt during the first and finally he is in! However, facebook cannot be said to be as harmful as cigarettes or drugs, but it is not as healthy as exercising also.

It is a state; some corona of egocentrism and curiosity. Deep inside we need to feel important and followed by others. We jump of happiness when somebody likes our status, comments on our notes gets astonished of our beautiful pictures. We search for solidarity and support at times of hardships and crisis. In the same time, we like to follow how others are feeling, what they are doing, how they are dressed and what they have done lately.

It is the ultimate human nature that was successfully achieved by facebook and not any other program or application. Horizons of communications are opened and the glamour of the self can be recognized just by clicking to sign up.

Chapeau facebook!



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