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Massaging lady chicken so that she can feel warm

on January 7, 2011

I never hated in my life a thing, like I abhorred dealing with raw chicken with its dangling head, rosy skin and some of its left feathers.

Like all Eastern girls, I had to take over all house chores when I married. Unlike all Eastern girls, I was not trained before at home on performing any domestic tasks, though. Partly, it was because my mother tended to spoil me. And, mostly, I did not like any of the chores so I avoided doing them.

However, I have no problem with cleaning, vacuuming or cooking. On the contrary, I really enjoy the cooking art. One thing only occurred to me that is having to rub lady chickens with some flour and salt to clean them.

I thought ‘why don’t I have a massage like this with some scrubs. It seems I have less leisure than lady chicken!”

Rubbing its skin with my fingers made me think how she feels. Well, lady chicken is dead, so I might be trying to invoke the feeling she is having while I am massaging her skin to myself. Or I might be feeling a bit of insecurity in our world and lady chicken reminded me of it by its cold body.

I had once a discussion with my friend, Kholoud Saber, about insecurity for the females in the East. We could not actually find a clear definition for the feeling or even confine it into clear aspects and characteristics.

I just remembered that insecurity for me was the urge to lose weight so that I am very small and can be hugged and contained. It was drinking hot beverages in the biggest mug I can have so that I can wrap my whole hands over and warmth can sneak into my whole body. It was loving winter to get covered with blankets all over myself to feel the heat rise around my body.

It was all for me about warmth and containment. Generally, the psychological coldness is what really affects females at any society and of any social class. The frequent calling of females for sweet words and hugs which is always trivially rendered by male partners as a want to having sex is all about feeling warm.

I am not actually propagating for massage centers, but I believe it is an important activity in our lives. We all need a massage at certain spots of life; not like the massage of lady chicken which she receives when she has a dangling neck moving hither and thither! We need to have our skin as well as our emotions rubbed smoothly and gently. That tender touch can do much to the body and the psyche.

Insecurity is not a feeling of one female or one person, it is not also confined to the East or the West; it is a general stage we all can have at times. We just need not to limit our relief into one person or one thing.

Personally, I have the hug of the husband, the mother and the sister, I have the biggest mug to pour my delicious hot drinks, I have the blankets to cover in winter, I have close friends to comfort me at times of hardships, and above all, I have God to seek when all others vanish of existence. Thank God, we have many options in life to feel secure and warm.

Poor lady chicken has no one to hug, no mugs to drink and no blankets to cover! I will massage her so that she feels warm. And, then, of course I will eat her! Poor lady chicken!


2 responses to “Massaging lady chicken so that she can feel warm

  1. Mary says:

    Interesting how much of this essay strikes chords for me. I hated cutting up chicken when I left my mother’s house. When I eat chicken, I pay extra just to have it cut up at the store!
    And the importance of the comfort of touch. Massage, hugs, warm mugs, comfortable clothes. Sometimes I find myself enjoying these things and I take a minute to think how very lucky I am to have them.
    I hope Lady Chicken tasted good!

  2. : )) I am SO glad with your comment. And I totally agree with you in how lucky we are to have any psychological comfort of any kind; whether it was through a touch, massage, hugs … etc
    Thank you

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