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The honesty developing complex in me!

on January 15, 2011


When I was a child, I used to play the weirdest justice game ever. In my hands, there are the normal five fingers like any earthly human creature. The only difference was in the game I played; that is to set my thumb as the judge to all other fingers, due to its anatomic difference. The judge has got to be just and fair to all his subjects; so whenever he touches a finger, he must touch the remnant three! Imagine that I could do this dozens of times a day, touching my fingers with my just thumb! Well, thinking about the game makes me feel how trivial I was then! Let’s better move to 2011!

As a rule of thumb, a 25 year old female in the East has got real rich stuffed experience. But a 25 year old female in the East who has studied in the languages faculty and who had played the thumb game is sure to have some complexes.

Apart from any educational stresses laid on any person at any faculty, the languages faculty (in Egypt) has got its own very special flavors.

I remember my beautiful drama Doctor, Dr. Salwa Rashad, when she was trying to teach us honesty in referencing and writing a bibliography. She said “when you come to quote some person’s words, you need to write them as they ARE, or else that would be plagiarism. Suppose you want to omit one sentence in the middle of the quotation, you will put three dots in place of the removed sentence. And, if you want to remove more than one sentence, you will add four dots. However, if I find any five dots in your papers, you fail.”

Oh my God! It is a matter of DOTS, our academic future is based on the dots! Imagine if Dr. Salwa found a student in his exam answering sheet saying “he were”, I think she would blow him up!

My respectful Dr. Samar Abdul Salam, my translation doctor for four years, never accepted a student who did not prepare his assignments to her lecture, and although I did not understand why all this scrutiny is being performed, I could never attend her lectures when I did not do my assignment! Meanwhile, she used to address us, trivial young students, by “Mr.” and “Miss”; which made me wonder how she can combine such attitudes of respect for the other and kicking that same other out if he did not prepare the translation!

Dr. Ghada Ragay, my lovely essay doctor, gave me an ultimately different example in how to incorporate personal relations while still preserving the prestigious role of a doctor. She could also skillfully manage to insert life issues into her lectures and impose them in her assignments!

And more and more doctors. All are respectful and lovely, and all were dominating and educating.

Imagine what kinds of personalities can come out from under these doctors! Typically ethically complexes-filled characters!

I had the chance to get into the online essay writing world, and I might venture to say it is indeed profitable. I could have gained a sum of 400 dollars each two weeks and even more if I decided to! For the mere thought that the essays I am writing could get out of the nature of help and enter the world of faking and forging, I shift deleted the whole idea calling the site ‘an unethical site’.

I pride myself to have this honesty complex, and I don’t care how many have the same attitudes. I just remember that in my exam sheet I cared not for the answers, but for not putting any five dots in sequence!


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