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The nasty teachings of life

on January 15, 2011


In school, we were fed ethics through all means and within all classes including religion classes, reading classes and sometimes gym classes. It was part of our conscious and a basic element of our conscience. Cheating is a sin, envy is a sin, stealing is sin, name-calling is a sin … etc. And, for more of the emphasis, TV, cartoon and cinema propagated for ethics. Usually, the good beats down the evil and the honest guys have the good fortune and the bad guys have the bad luck.

But this is simply fake! This is not the nature of life!

If you graduated of any college, and joined the brutal race of life you will follow none but Darwin’s “survival for the fittest”.

Go ask sales representatives whom I consider a special case of victimization and victimizing; victimization in the sense that the world of careers has victimized them, and victimizing in the sense that they have victimized customers; either intentionally or unintentionally.

Grrr, again I am being too philosophical! I was just overwhelmed by astonishment finding out that ethics are not really the aim and are not the core for such modern world invented careers. A sales representative is a person who is burdened with a task and a target to get an incentive. No matter how he will get that target performed, he has to achieve it! For the aim of gaining money and the annual incentive, the poor sales representative exerts all effort to sell his products; even if he is not at all convinced with them! He will run the track with the too many other sales representatives to drop the products in the mouths of customers. And, eventually when they are a bit old, the company will sure drop them!

I don’t only condemn the sales representative career, but I condemn any career that consumes the person and gives him no experience and builds in him no knowledge. Equally, I hate phone operators, customer service, medical representatives and all shape-dependent careers! Simply, because one rule should prevail “building a career will eventually make money” but not vice versa. The ethics we learned at school should not go with winds of oldness and material-achievement dreams!

On the personal level, I had a friend who teaches his two year old son to beat whoever beats him and to grab his toys from others. For him, this is power and self defense! I did not get his view point; since I am teaching my kids to be forgiving and giving! One of us has got to be wrong! For me he was absurd and for him I was submissive and weak.

And at the end we had no conclusion. I still believed in the high ethics I was clinging to and he was overwhelmed with building his mighty boy!

I therefore suggest giving classes to teach the nasty lessons of life. This is no joke! I suggest that we add an unethical class where we teach students name calling to the bad guys and teach girls how to beat down any sexual harasser verbally and physically. We should teach them how to maneuver when they meet a playful work mate who tends at destroying them. We must teach them to give honest information for those who deserve honesty and give fake information for the mean ones. I believe in incorporating the nasty teachings of life into the educational system. Sounds like a good idea, isn’t it?



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