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Why the garlic and not the strawberry!

on January 15, 2011

It is a never to happen role to find strawberries and garlic mixed into one pot or one recipe. The thought of that flavor mix can be even disgusting and vomiting stimulant! So, in nowhere else than the garbage you will find these two very opposite creatures exist together.

Logically in the cooking world if we are to put garlic and strawberries in one line, you will make a main dish with garlic and follow with a dessert of delicious strawberries. This is not the issue. Let me put you in my shoes to figure out the whole issue.

I decided to make burger for dinner with some yogurt salad and to prepare an elegant fruit salad of kiwi, strawberries and bananas. If you know not yogurt salad, you should add a clove of garlic to the mixture of yogurt (as well as a very thinly sliced cucumber with mint, if you still interested in getting acquainted with the recipe). As all females, I hate the smell left by the garlic on my fingers! I thought however that the fresh tasty smell of the strawberries will overcome the evil garlic smell and sets itself as a sovereign. Unfortunately, my strawberries let me down and the garlic odor triumphed!

It is the nature of things to toil man and irritate him. It is the nature of life to make him set unrest until he rests in piece in his grave or dooms in hell. Even garlic has taken into his responsibility the role of irritating people and beating sweet strawberries down!

And, like a tape of video, scenes of my life passed by me, they were filled of happiness and sadness as well as laughs and tears! It is a simple philosophy for any beholder! You need to toil to reach the result which would make you the happiest; meanwhile, you won’t escape the hardships of life.

I then remembered God’s saying in Quran “Verily We have created man into toil and struggle” (Al Balad).

I left all my thoughts, because it was time to eat. When hunger shows its jaws, there is no place to question how your hands are smelling. And, thanks to all the perfume makers, a sprinkle of perfume will do it. So, there is no much to be philosophical at.

I ate my burgers and had my ultimate strawberries fruit salad, had a sprinkle of perfume and sat into my laptop. I smelled my hands to find that the garlic smell nearly vanished under my perfume; and fortunately I still felt the strawberries flavor inside my mouth. It is the simple nature of life!



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