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Be your own cause!

on January 18, 2011


I added some fresh mint leaves to my tea and had some pausing moments to watch. I was watching how the refreshing flavor of mint sneaks into the tea and adds to its smell. I closed my eyes while breathing in some of the evaporating very little steam that comes out of my mug. The refreshing aroma pleased my senses and slightly pulled my lips up.

I wondered who was victorious! Was it the mint or the tea? Did the mint struggle to sneak into the tea? Did the tea fight the domination of mint? Or were they two cooperating creatures helping produce some third creature that is better than both of them?

I think it is a chemistry related issue afterwards; to determine the measures of both substances and the reaction that might have occurred between them, and if I continued thinking likewise, I might miss that third tasty creature!

But this is grave and crucial!

Of course, I am not talking about the mint tea reaction. I am speaking out the mint tea substances in myself, which might be also occurring in you. Yes, I have always felt some mint refreshing flavors trying to sneak into me. And I also felt some devilish odors that did not want to miss the chance to overcome me.

It is the everlasting inner battle. And, you will only feel victorious if you were successful at the end.

I can remember that in my 25 years on earth, I have always heard the concept “fight for a cause”; and I understood then that I have to believe in something to fight for. I have to cling to some concepts so that I can have the power to exist, give and fight.

Martin Luther King had a cause to fight for. He had the dream of equality between the Negro and the white. He refused to believe that the “bank of justice is bankrupt”. And, so he fought!

Oprah Winfrey followed the steps of King in believing that the Afro-American can be very impressive in society. And, so she is one of the most popular talk show presenters in the world.

Mohamed Ali believed that Muslim Americans have the power to exist and be notable. And, so he was the world champion in boxing.

However, I don’t think that each and every notable man or woman has started by having a big cause in mind; simply because big causes are always there to believe in whenever you like and to dump whenever you are fed up.

I am certain now that you should be your primary cause; your belief in your abilities should be the core of your life struggle. This is not about being selfish and egocentric, but it is about being focused and self pushing.

There are too many people who say they believe and fight for some cause, but do they really believe in it? Or is it a mere pretention to get some self interest. There are too many people who want to make a blast in the world, but how many really believe they can? There are too many people who dream of change but very few act like Tunisians did toppling their monarch.

Tunisians believed in themselves and in their abilities to make the change, and they made it come true.

It is the mint flavor they have been for years struggling against. Today, they have just reconciled with it and out of the tea mint positive reaction, they had a better third existence.

People in the world have the same miseries of Tunisians, the same rise in prices, the same rates of unemployment and even past Tunisians have had the same problems, what is lacking was just the concept “be your own cause.”

Now, let me go prepare another cup of tea!


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