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The everlasting curse of motherhood

on January 18, 2011


Unless your mother has dumped you, eloped with another man, gave you to an orphanage, or let you starve of hunger and treated you brutally, you will be forever devoted to her.

Well, actually you should! You have to! Or better you must!

It is not only because what you can recognize now as a grown up of her daily chores, care, tenderness and love, but further for the fact that she is the only one who has given you of her cells and bones to help build up your body. Simply, she has given you herself! Even your father has given you no necessary cells; except for one cell that he does not actually need.

 This might seem to you (unless you are a parent yourself) as ‘bla bla bla’ talks because you are too egocentric to appreciate it or because you are so ignorant of life’s toil and responsibilities to understand it.

Since I usually measure things by my mind, I have always had the concept that motherhood is the most fruitless and unsuccessful project on earth.

Ironically, moms who are reading me now will be the first to scream out in astonishment “no, certainly not” and they will start defending their pathetic motherhood as the most victorious plan they have ever had. Losers!

Well, I know quite well that mothers do not wait for outcome of their offspring and they are even ignorant of the quality and quantity of sacrifices they are doing! And even if they are, mothers are too idiots to ask for any gain.

They are even too eluded that sometimes they do not know if they are performing such demanding tasks because they love their children or because they are simply responsible for them and no one else can bear to change dirty diapers, feed, lull, get to sleep, get to wake, play, study, deal with stupid tantrums, hear unjustifified screaming and crying, spend sleepless nights, educate, advise, worry, love, care, punish, think, plan … etc.

What guilt have you poor mommy done to go along with that? And, after all, you are not waiting, you are forever giving! Well chapeau! But let me say that you are doomed on earth; you have elaborately cursed yourself with the permanent earthly curse.

From my heart, I wish myself and my sister mothers a blissful end to our curse!




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