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The Egyptianity in us!

on February 13, 2011

Do you know why prostitutes sell? Simply because prostitutes sell pleasure with no need for emotions or a marriage dowry! Since I am not intending to go into a vain discussion to the nature of prostitutes – I shall move to a more important question; do you know why politicians sell the same as prostitutes? Simply because they sell talks to the naïve ordinary people! That is what I have learnt through the past days.

Since 25 January, Egypt has been under the spot! The whole world was watching! For the first time in years, hundreds of thousands of Egyptian youth from every walk of life sneaked out from the trap of the corrupt politically oppressive regime to revolt! And, after years of believing Egyptians to be an out-dated people, the world stands up in awe to this very eastern Arab country!

Now the Egyptian image is set in its correct format; courageous, proud and persistent Egyptians! In the past, we could talk much about the feature of bashfulness as an essential characteristic of Egyptian, which is not less important by the way. But now we should add a more crucial element to the Egyptian ingredient; that is challenge and toughness!

The passiveness that was created in the bygone days led most people to leave the country; either immigrating and seeking to obtain other nationalities or living as expats working in the gulf! The rest who were left in the country lived a day per day; having no great prospects of the future. Two weeks ago, if I was to draw the future political image, I would have visualized protests against trials to inherit Egypt throne to Gamal Mubarak! With a defeatist mind, I would have even expected the inherences plot successful.

Now, it is gone! Because Mubarak is GONE!

As I have always described myself and most Egyptians as having naïve political insights, I did not make the correct link between Mubarak’s existence and corruption existence. Although it was clear that it is impossible to make huge reforms in your last days after a chance of 30 years, I still believed in Mubarak’s statements! I was pragmatically thinking that reform should come from within the existing regime. Oddly enough, I even believed in Mubarak’s last statement before departure; imagining that delegating power is the same as stepping down! And here again appears an essential ingredient of Egyptians; that is kindness and sentimentality!

With the writing down of the Egyptian revolution in our minds and hearts which has forced all Egyptians go through political insights, I realized that politicians are even worse than prostitutes! Prostitutes actually sell something for a mutual gain; even if unethical! Politicians however sell air for personal gains and for the aim of deception! For me and for others, this is BIG! Bashful and kind Egyptians would have never thought that their leader might be maneuvering and deceiving them! He still had a good shade in their hearts, and as always, they preferred to stick to that airy shade and leave the tangible body!

As I write this, I am grateful for the Egyptian revolution which elevated my political conscious! I have to admit it is going to take some part of the naïve blindly-kind Egyptianity in me, but I will for the first time taste the flavor of challenge and change! And, that is the Egyptianity in us; forever transcending and forever climbing! Thank you Egypt!




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