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The bells of freedom are ringing out there

on February 23, 2011


I woke up today with another spirit growing in me. I was watching the Arab world destroying its former regimes on the hope of a better future. I saw the blood of each of these countries’ sons shed to irrigate its soil on the hope of better healthy plants. And, my defeatist thoughts come back to me screaming “stability is a priceless thing in life”, “re-believe in the regime’s claims of reform”.

Yesterday, I used to describe myself and most Egyptians as having naïve political insights; I did not make the correct link between the head of the regime existence and corruption existence. Although it was clear that it is impossible to make huge reforms in your last days after a chance of years and decades, I still believed in the regime’s statements! I was pragmatically thinking that reform should come from within the existing regime.

Yesterday, when I heard Mubarak’s statements, I cried faithfully because I thought he is a human being addressing the hearts of his people. After weeks of statements, I knew Mubarak was a shrewd politician addressing the naïve mob and trying to defend his regime until the last breath.

When Mubarak stepped down, I thanked God for preserving Egyptians’ souls and I hated politics even more. In just few days, Bahrain and Libya had the revolution flu and calls of freedom were launched.

This freaks the hell out of me, I admit! Being far of the revolutions, I cannot claim supporting the continuity of them – for I know stability is a blessing and fractions are a curse. I cannot invite the people to go on in their calls for freedom which I strongly believe in. Simply, it is not my soul that I am sacrificing; it is the people’s. I do not have an assured prediction to claim that once you topple your monarch, you will have your future prospect.

Today, I heard Ghadafi’s son talking to Libyan people. And, I only smiled. I did not listen to him the same way I did to Mubarak. Today, I am different because I believed non of the seemingly true words uttered by him. Whether he is speaking the truth or not and whether he is predicting the future or faking it out, the one sure thing was that he is trying his ultimate effort to protect the regime.

I am much retarded though. The people in the streets have figured it much earlier than I did. They are ready to sacrifice their souls for the cause of freedom. Maybe the future won’t be as much brilliant, but it will be their choice on the least. It is true that it is different when you choose even to the worse. It is weird how the word ‘choice’ has seized to exist in the Arab dictionary!

Today, a new baby is born in the Arab world; it is a baby of solidarity, freedom and choice. Stand up world, the bells of freedom are ringing out there!


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