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The Plague of Celebrity! Thoughts on the Royal Wedding

on April 30, 2011

The hair, the dress, the beautiful shoes hidden underneath her glamorous dress, the sweet aroma of her perfume (which I couldn’t smell through my TV) and the very natural but classy make-up were just a few things about her that drew millions to the wedding celebration today! What for? A human female, Kate Middleton, was wedded to a human male, William Arthur Philip Louis (Prince William). I must say, she is beautiful, natural, stylish and chic; and, he is handsome, cheerful and attractive. Above all, they are a prince and princess; bestowed with titles rarely obtained these days.

Yes, I was eagerly watching from my living room in Bahrain too! I wanted to see how the lady would walk, her smile, her outfit(s), how she would wave and the tone of her voice when she spoke. In my heart of hearts, I just wanted to be her, not in the sense of transforming into a copy of Kate Middleton, but of having that charisma, being that attractive and commanding all that attention.

I have always had a fascination with cameras and screens. When I was a little kid growing up in Egypt, I used to think that God has millions of screens in front of Him, where He watches everyone. As I grew older, I had this weird feeling that my mind works better than every other person’s … maybe because I was told I was intelligent and smart. I had the strange feeling that the world rolls in my mind and that nothing was happening outside of my own self. That’s the kind of childhood feeling that doesn’t make sense, but I am sure we have all had. It was like a world of make-belief; weird, but at the same time real in those days … the workings of the mind of a child.

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