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Reflections on 9/11 from Egypt to America: Man’s destruction of Man

on September 10, 2011

Scenes of fire on TV have really succeeded in damping my mood this afternoon. I entered the house a couple of hours ago after a nice family outing, the taste of those delicious cinnamon rolls still in my mouth and was greeted by news of the today’s demonstrations at the Tahrir Square in Egypt which had turned violent, culminating in a violent attack on the Israeli embassy and gangs rushing to police stations, setting cars on fire.  Who would perpetuate such savage acts?

Although I am no fan of Israel’s, I would never cheer for acts of destruction. I would have applauded playing hardball with the Israeli ambassador if it was done by the government, but not this. To see a group of thugs deforming the Egyptian image in front of the world was so unacceptable!

I couldn’t stand listening to news analysis by those so called world activists on whether this was a plot by the military supreme council to apply ‘Martial laws’; or just a group of so called liberty activists; unruly demonstrators or thugs hired to defame the revolution, etc, etc, etc … I know by now that these discussions always end in one thing: chaos.

I thought to seek refuge from Facebook, where I would meet some friends and maybe discuss these developments. I read great comments like

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