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Agreeing to Disagree. Kholoud Saber, you are my Egyptian Revolution Hero!

on January 2, 2012

I don’t care.’ Read out the sentence ten times and write it down randomly on a white sheet of paper. That was my upset friend Amira, expressing her frustration at our physics private tutor; she repeated this phrase a dozen times, ignoring him as he lectured. I can clearly recall that I too was upset but no clear reason comes to my mind. I literally miss those days some ten years ago. Of course, I don’t miss the frustration, nor the physics lesson, but I miss my friends with whom I enjoyed so many round circles of gossip and hilarious acts of mischief.

Yes, at that age, we were more innocent, happy and we had mood swings and fought over the most trivial things, did “crazy and forbidden things” and imagined a bright future when we grew up! Nothing was foisted upon us, we merrily embraced our beliefs and perspectives; we thought “we are free”.

As the years went by and we became adults, we began to realize that freedom is a bit more complicated. It goes beyond saying ‘no’ to your mother or choosing to skip lectures; it’s a serious and sensitive issue. Freedom means something different to each one of us and fits into our lives differently. Out of our group of four closest friends, two have traveled out of Egypt, and two still live in the country. Through the years, knowing each other like we did, we haven’t been surprised by one another’s choices.

When The Egyptian revolution erupted, many things changed for my countrymen, differences became obvious and glaring, and misunderstandings ruled.

Personally, this revolution hit home because one of us was very involved. She is Kholoud Saber, she is the revolutionist amongst us. She is the one on the streets now, one of thousands and thousands of Egyptians out there fighting for their country and the most trustworthy person for me in this revolution. I can remember she’d always shown a keen interest in politics from a very early age. I recollect she used to participate in demonstrations against Israel, she organized and partook in campaigns against the central security forces’ interference in the college … and she is blacklisted by the Egyptian police.


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