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Who the hell killed my son?

on February 15, 2012

How many times did I mention to you that I hate talking about politics? All right, I know ‘too many’. I am really sorry for this and I know it is adding to my bill and treading on your patience. But I am not lying to you. I do hate politics. Ok, what is next? I want to write something. I need to send a message on the 73 killed people in a MATCH massacre. Can you believe it? In a MATCH! They are not only 73 people; for if they were in their 60s or 70s, I would have wished them peace and let it go. But the disaster is that they are too young; in their twenties! Imagine youth going to cheer for their favorite team getting murdered! Maybe if they have gone to war, I would have said it was their destiny and may their souls rest in peace. No, no, no, their souls won’t rest in peace until something happens. Is it doomsday?!

Did I tell you before how much I am confused concerning the conflicting parties? Yes, I did. I know you already knew about my hatred to the conspiracy theory that renders all tyrants. I am searching for clear cut truths. So, I am giving a short message to each relevant party:

SCAF (Supreme Council for the Armed Forces): Shame on you! I won’t say like others ‘you plotted this’, yet you’re responsible for this! It is either you’re legendary and strong as our history books have dictated us as in your 73 war against Israel. Or you’re a coward and weak dwarf lurking behind a giant’s picture. Who the hell are you?

Police: Haven’t the wombs of Egyptian women given birth to men? What were you taught in your academies? How could you stand still seeing thugs, cheerers, armed men or whoever attack your brothers? It weren’t for the honor of your suits, let it be for the honor of human kind for God’s sake! Don’t claim weakness any more, that’s a worn chewed plea. Where are the good cops in you?

Protesters: If you think I would praise you, let me tell you ‘you’re so darn blind and greedy’. You have shown nothing up till now but standing in the streets just the same as thugs. You have allowed thugs and spies to lurk amongst you. What you have shown us, or me at least, is the power of the mean over the good and, unfortunately, the victory of the bad over the good.

My heart is really aching. I won’t claim patriotism or love of country. Yet, I know how it feels when one of my sons gets a bit warmer than usual. I can wholeheartedly sense my heart beats when one of my sons shivers or feels poorly. The revolution of the youth in Egypt has shown me no bright sides. The government of the elderly in Egypt has proven no wisdom. And, the people of Egypt have shown me nothing but lack of ethics, greediness and opportunism. Cynically, I can recollect that I have invented something to teach my three years old twins when they miss behave. I sit on my knees to be on his sight and say firmly: ‘do you remember our codes of ethics, five they’re:

  1. 1.       No hurting
  2. 2.       No hitting
  3. 3.       No pushing
  4. 4.       No throwing
  5. 5.       No crying’

Can we teach our sons these? Can we start paving the way for a better generation than ourselves? Or we will be paving the way for more murdering of our ethics, sons and even ourselves. If you want to ask ‘who the hell killed your son?’ let me tell you: it is YOU and ME.



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