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Accepting the me in me: friends who inspire me to stay on track

on April 5, 2012

Well, I have a problem with myself. Sometimes, I boast about being me, I feel proud, happy and confident. At other times, I don’t like myself so much, I feel upset, frustrated and have low-esteem. I know quite well that life is composed of ups and downs and that this is normal. Yet, the downs seem like a thorn just around the corner of the heart. When your heart beats, it slightly touches the thorn, and the pain starts starts … clearly and well defined, the pictures sharper than the cameras of the cinema. A flashback and I can see myself and whoever has hurt me in my mind. I feel the tears rising, the ache is heavier, lungs feel full, breathing is shorter and it all ends! It is a strong emotional melt-down that pokes your pride and lowers your self esteem.

This is me when I face a hurtful situation. Sometimes, we let these hurts pile up because we feel that we cannot change them. It tends to make us feel helpless, as if we are letting ourselves down, disappointing our families, and we don’t know how to go on and overcome these feelings. Could it be that I don’t accept certain aspects of myself or that I need to explore other aspects and realities about me?

Do you know why most girls love Cinderella? I would say because she is beautiful, and although none of us have or will ever meet her, we are sure of that beauty. In my opinion, her story is also about the simple depiction of the beauty of soul – her sweetness, tenderness, elegance, delicateness, and patience. She obviously is not filled with jealousy, pride, strife or any of the feelings that make us sick at heart.

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