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My mother-in-law and I: World War III over small misunderstandings and basic differences

on May 12, 2012

Why would anyone give to another a gift of lingerie? Seriously, isn’t that too personal? While the gift-giver won’t be exactly asking about when you wore the lingerie and what happened afterwards, it’s a kind of interference into one’s personal space, isn’t it? Or is it a cultural thing? Yeah, it could be. It is a culture that is so pleasure and desire oriented to such an extent that it doesn’t differentiate between what is proper and what is not.

I am one of those persons who does not really like people looking into my undies. Yet, I was repeatedly asked why I deviated from normal procedures and didn’t share with my female guests my new wardrobe after my marriage. The culture goes like, “… you are actually showing off how much you have spent on the new dresses, trousers, shoes … etc including lingerie.” And, I go, “get the hell out of here!”

Of course, I couldn’t say that to my mother in law who was astonished at my stance – that would be rude; yet I tried as much as I could to explain that we all have different beliefs that we adhere to.

Later on, I learned that one of my friends received a lingerie gift from her mother in law and I felt, “haha, what a carefree and passionate mother she is!”

Actually, if lingerie is such a public thing, why don’t we go out in the streets in them? Or maybe we can get grooving in publicly so that everyone can have his/her take on how effective they are? Akh! Isn’t that disturbing and negatively charged, when we feel the world around is invading our privacy?


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