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Love, Romance and Fiction: Why Turkish delights have invaded Egyptian TV

on June 7, 2012

Have you ever wondered why a first kiss will always count? Because its details remain engraved in one’s subconscious. So when you close your eyes, you recollect the first touch of hands, feel how you two got close, how the warm breaths breezed into each other’s face, and the first touch of those lips. The beauty of a first kiss lies in that it is about emotions rather than desires. It is the same as a first dance where your heartbeat sores not with the tempo, but with your partner’s wrapping of his hands around your waist and coming close to your body.

Lots of firsts are special because of their unique impact on our senses and emotions. Our memories of such unwind like a movie scene in slow motion, taking our minds out of the realm of time and reality. So whatever only takes minutes in our virtual world knocks at our hearts endlessly, adding up to hours of good memories and ages of remembrance until we die.

This fits very much into the black and white cinema and TV series of old days where the tempo of life was indeed as slow as to encompass such peaceful scenarios. These black and white series are still popular today despite the fast pace of current times. I enjoy watching a black and white melodramatic movie full of quiet and unbelievable coincidences … just like those passionate about world classics continue to love to read Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist which goes into unexpected melodramatic curves.

For ages, Egyptian social media has occupied a main and essential space in the Arab world. This could either be due to Egypt’s political leading position or due to its flavorful, high class cinematographic and TV products. This might explain why the Egyptian dialect is understood in the whole Arab world including its jokes and clichés.

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