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Parents as mentors, not teachers. An Illustration from Lord of the Flies to Free Range Teaching

on July 5, 2012

If we took a bunch of boys around the age of 13 and left them in an island, what do you think would happen? Would they turn to a gang of savages? Or would they build it up into a high tech space? As a believer in the ultimate evil of man, the answer for me is of course they would turn into savages – with no discipline as they ultimately lose all ethics and values.

My thoughts are grounded in what William Golding’s ‘Lord of the flies’ seeks to illustrate. I remember studying this novel in my first year of college and was thoroughly impressed by its plot, language and theme. Personally, this premise has proved itself in my life every time – the triumph of evil over the good unlike what we are used to seeing in movies.

The novel takes place in the midst of a wartime evacuation when a British plane crashes onto an isolated island. The only survivors are male children below the age of 13. The boys, still under their civilized form, follow Ralph who was elected chief and acts soundly. Yet with time appears the influence of Jack who represents the evil nature of humankind and who calls himself ‘hunter’. They split into two camps starting what one would call today ‘political conflict’. Amidst their fight for power, they visualize a beast on the island which was nothing but their own creation. Two boys die in that journey; Piggy who symbolizes ration and innocence and Simon who was a catalyst for spirituality and faith.

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