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Something behind my headscarf: Why I Wear Hajib

on July 25, 2013

An important note: Ladies wearing headscarves and covering their bodies do shave and wax, cut their hair, wear highlights on their hair, go for pedicures and manicures, wear make-up and perfumes and … in short are chicks in their homes, believe it or not!

Day when we don’t focus on backbiting others and covetous behaviors, we learn something. Every day we look to other cultures and connect with other people for the purpose of learning and elevating our souls, we discover something new about ourselves.

So I wear a headscarf, it is a piece of clothing that we, Muslims, put around our heads. And we have to be modest all over; meaning that we have to cover all parts of our bodies and not show skin to anyone. Call it a matter of obedience to Allah’s orders. Call it a matter of not arousing men’s attraction and sexuality levels. Call it a matter of not looking at females as sexual objects in life. Call it whatever you like. Each woman wearing a hijab has a different story. And, I have a different story to tell.

At the age of 14, I decided I want to wear hijab. For no particular reason, I took the decision. I had not read the Qur’an verses that talk about hijab and I was not much of a religious girl to take the step. So why did I put a headscarf on top of my head? … And no, my hair was not a mess either.

I lived with my hijab 7 years without any problems and feeling very much neutral towards my hijab – I wasn’t particularly enjoying or hating it.
After my graduation, I started having second thoughts and doubts so as to why I was wearing this piece of cloth on my head. I started looking at actresses on TV and admiring hair style shows. Quite normal even for non-hijabi girls, isn’t it? But for me, a dent was being created in my convictions. Pardon me, I’d had no particularly strong convictions about hijab before anyway. So it was somewhat normal to feel like a leaf in the wind. Yet, I decided I wasn’t going to take it yet.


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