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Oh, the jump they should do! Cross Cultural Dialogue: A mother applauding her kids’ failure

on May 5, 2014

here they stood poised to jump at the side of the pool, just a few meters away, but the distance seemed very far still. In the inner cells of the brain of the mother I am, I wondered if I would be able to get to them fast enough in case they needed help. And even though they were surrounded by other kids and their coaches, they would still need their mammy right beside them if they were drowning! And yes, even when their mammy is not a good swimmer herself!

It was their first jump into the pool, such a high jump! Oh, that silly coach, how come he was asking them to jump this high? No, it wasn’t the highest or best jumpers I was focused on today, but rather these young swimmers ready to plunge into the pool designed for beginners. In my mind, I was thinking it surely required a whole awful lot of courage for those tiny creatures, my twin boys to make this first jump.

I caught their eyes, looked down at their tiny feet; questioning every second, “Will they do it? Will they have the guts?”



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