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Egyptian mom Imane says she will not impose choices and options on her kids

on October 27, 2014

My feet do not look very good in open sandals. I have a bone bulge next to my big toe which gives one the feeling of a car riding around a steep curve! And what else? My second toe is much longer than my big toe. Isn’t that catastrophic?! I had friends who had Barbie’s feet, literally, dainty and neat. They fitted in all kinds of shoes; open and closed – toed! I always just wished I was in their shoes, literally.

For years, I pretended to be satisfied with wearing closed toe shoes. But deep inside, I have always hoped to try an open sandals or slippers — and admire how my feet look in them. And so, I never quit trying on different open toe shoes, until I found sandals that fitted my feet perfectly from Birkenstock. OH, YEAH, that bulge was hidden in the cross strap, and my long toe was not poking out of the soles! I wore those sandals day and night, and I simply LOVED Birkenstock no matter how expensive their shoes were. I was on the hunt for more pairs; OPEN ones.

I can feel how bored you are now by my story and feet problems. But we are now in the middle of the story!

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