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The 5 rules to be happy. Is there really such a thing?

on November 15, 2014

I woke up late as usual at 6:45 am, headed to the bathroom, looked in the mirror to see if I looked beautiful when I woke up. My hair was shaggy, the purple coloured highlights had moved three inches down as my hair had grown in the past months. I went on to wake my twins up. It wasn’t an easy task though. In fact, it has never been. They always laze about in bed, refusing to get up. I didn’t have much time to play around with them, so I carried myself to the kitchen, started warming up their milk. I added honey to their milk because it is currently well-known how bad white sugar is for everyone. I huffed angrily at the thought of honey and white sugar; for I never knew how to always make foods with natural sweeteners. I prepared their lunch boxes; added a cheese sandwich for one and granola bars for the other. I smiled at this, my boys have been different and unique since the day they were born. A short drive to school was accomplished after some nagging over ‘you need to pack your school bag immediately’, ‘I will remove food from the table in five minutes’, ‘you need to be ready in 10 minutes, we are super-duper late’ … etc

Back home, all alone, I thought of how difficult my morning was. I needed to unwind. I brought my scented candle, placed under my LCD screen after lighting it. I then got the HDMI plugged into my laptop, going through a couple of sun salutation yoga postures. It felt amazing!

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