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Imane Nofal

Imane Fawzy Nofal is my name, Egyptian is my nationality, female is my gender, 28 is my age, human being is my feature and writer is the mission I would love to be.

Personally, I have a small lovely family composed of a fascinating husband and an adorable twin who fill my life with joy and acitivty.

Professionally, I manipulate words. I believe they have magic in them; they bear within messages, emotions and meanings. They can entertain, uplift, criticize, stimulate and above all express : ).

I wish I can contribute to the world as a wife, mother, writer, translator and above all as Imane.

Thank you

All comments are appreciated and most welcomed


7 responses to “Imane Nofal

  1. Stephen Mc Elligott says:

    Saw your post on the forums. Not to worry Imane I am sure you will get hits. Try to figure out what kind of people to target with the material you write. If it is an article on finance for instance, a good place to go would be a financial/business forum, set up an account and shamlessly promote your blog there. Try to be clever in the sense that you create a discussion also with your topic to keep the forum post going and then the hits will just come right in. Never lose hope and keep up that enthusiastic spirit I’m sure you have.

    God bless

  2. Wishing you much success in all your future endeavours and writing aspirations!
    Prayers from Pakistan : )

  3. Hi Imane, I just read your article on Please, keep the fascinating pieces coming. Good luck!

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