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The French Fries of Life: Complexities between Men and Women

on April 29, 2011

On this day, I feel like a piece of potato in hot oil. Yes, I like to make French fries (potato chips). I used wait for the oil to heat up, then I’ll throw in the potatoes; nowadays, I tend to put in one piece of potato into hot oil and watch the reaction; I watch how bubbles of oil gather around the ‘poor’ potato finger which in turn reacts by ‘running around’ in the pan. Yes, this is how I feel today – the hot bubbles of life are all around me, surrounding me as I try to figure things out. I feel the urge to write about something, however, the bubbles of life have surrounded me, and I am experiencing a block, I can’t fight back. Moreover, I had a dispute with my husband that turned life black for me.

For me, marriage has never been a piece of cake; I believe it is the hardest challenge in the world. My beliefs about marriage are a complex mixture of ideas. Given the facts I have collected from life, such as my dad saying, “marriage is the art of manipulating conflict”, and the countless failing relationships I have seen, this is somewhat justified.

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